Hotel Macun - a special place for special guests

1.907 meters beyond routine

Dear guests and visitors of our website,
both of us, Mallorie and Pirmin, feel very fortunate to work where others enjoy their vacations. After being to many places all over the world, also for professional reasons, we’ve decided to host ourselves and to invite the world to our place!
We’ve taken over the Hotel Macun, originally named “Alpenrose”, a solid family business which we aim to continue and combine with a sustainable concept especially in ecological terms, to satisfy needs of a growing modern generation. Our hotel is a project that should grow – according to our guests desires and requirements - to a special place of relaxation, hospitality and culinary art.
Our goal is to wake the feeling in our guests to come back to our hotel and to tell others about us: a well-kept and comfortable hotel, that uses current facilities and tries to enlarge them steadily. An accommodation where you won’t miss any kind of modern comfort like free Wi-Fi. Managed by a young and open-minded couple who feel enthusiastic about sustainable tourism and who spoil their guests with fine dishes, special offers and a warm atmosphere.
By the way, the term “Macun” originally comes from the Rhaeto-Romanic language, means Capricorn and inspired us to create our logo. The Rhaeto-Romanic part of Switzerland has a special meaning to us: it’s the place where we first met. It’s the place where our common history has started and our creativity and energy for new ideas - to surprise and spoil you, dear guests – come from. If it is up to us, we will do that with pleasure again and again!
We’re looking forward to your visit!
Mallorie Rey und Pirmin Lechner
Hotel Macun in Vent - 1.907 meters beyond routine …
Say goodbye to routine, start pure relaxation!